About us

With more than two decades of commitment and experience in diversified businesses and steady growth in our core verticals of Education, Healthcare, Petroleum by Products and Transportation, we have evolved into a centralized management structure under the umbrella of "Nalapad Investment". Each subsidiary in our group of companies is a leader in its own field of specialization. This allows us to utilize best practices from multiple industries to be creative in the way we approach to meet our goals. We value our customers above all else and seek to provide outstanding service through happy, conscientious and well-motivated teams. We unite and coordinate our efforts across business units by providing utmost importance and flexibility to our customers. This has achieved remarkable success granting us a pioneering reputation in the United Arab Emirates.

Our constant growth has led us to envisage ambitious and sustainable goals for the future, which we believe we can only achieve through our persistence, continuous improvement, and the dedication and determination of our team. The compelling combination of our values, relationships, market focus and sound business-sense places us in a strong position to maximize each business opportunity, creating further growth and development and put us in the circle of sustainability.

"To strive to create a niche to nurture a sustained growth"

Our Mission

Understanding and improvising the core competence of our business units and continuous monitoring of market for future opportunities towards growth.

Identifying the right leadership for individual business units and empowering them to achieve the ambitious objectives set in their respective business and to take ownership of their functionality.

Continuous development of human resources to keep them motivated, accountable for their work and keep them aligned with the vision of the group.

Striving for continuous transformation across our businesses by keeping ourselves technologically advanced and always improvising by challenging the industry benchmarks.

Our Values

Team Work

We encourage "WE" rather than "I", "ME" and "MYSELF".


We abide by this virtue across all level in our organization. Keeping in mind all the stakeholders involved.


Passion to perform is our key to success. That is fueled by the zeal to outperform our past laurels.


We believe that our company is as good as our people. We encourage equal opportunities in the group for the growth and development.


Most productive people are the ones who are the happiest. We give immense importance to interpersonal skills. We create an environment that nurtures good and healthy relationship among our employees.